Body Treatments

Moor Mud used in our body treatments is extracted in winter months in Canada from 5-15 metres below the frozen surface where the thermal current circulates constantly it is hydrosoluble,  liposoluble, and holds a high level of humic acid.

Advanced Bio-tone Body Wrap


60 Minutes for $75

Helps to tone, tighten, and stimulate the skin. Helps to reduce cellulite appearance.    Made of 100% Moor mud and is a 5.5 ph balance for the skin.

Mocha Java Body Wrap


60 Minutes for $75

Super cirulation stimulator.  Toner and firmer uses caffeine to help burn the fat as well as hydrate the skin.

Golden Moor Body Wrap


60 Minutes for $65

Relaxes muscles and detoxifies the skin. Has many healing benefits and reduces aches and pains.

Flawless Touch Body Polish


40 Minutes for $50

Acai and pomegranate sugar based polish is going to give the skin a healthy glow while gently removing dead skin cells. 


*Add on to any body wrap-$10 (extra 20 minutes)*